Season 16 X50 Noreset Opening

9.April 18.00 Server Time

Starter Gifts: Lucky sets/Pets

Season 16 Brings new Character GunCrusher

Guncrusher weapon: Pistol, Build: Energy+Strenght

Guncrusher NPC items: Silvia

Starting Server x500

Get Get Lucky set and buff Type: /startergift

Reset & Grand Reset rewards

Marry System in Gun Mu Online

Marry system is enabled and marriage can be made in Devias

To marry in mu online player needs:

  • 400 Level
  • 2 Million zen
  • Position: Player1: X=12 Y=25, Playr2 X=14 Y=26
  • Map: Devias Castle
  • Item required: Jewel of Kondar for each player


Allows to propose a marry to other player
usage: /prop
MarryProposeCMD                = /prop

Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command, usage: /accept
MarryAcceptCMD                = /accept

Teleports yourself to your marriage partner, usage: /teleport
MarryTeleportCMD            = /teleport

Allows to take divorce, usage: /divorce
MarryDivorceCMD                = /divorce

Published by Salvis 15/12/2020