Season 16 X50 Noreset Opening

9.April 18.00 Server Time

Starter Gifts: Lucky sets/Pets

Season 16 Brings new Character GunCrusher

Guncrusher weapon: Pistol, Build: Energy+Strenght

Guncrusher NPC items: Silvia

Starting Server x500

Get Get Lucky set and buff Type: /startergift

Reset & Grand Reset rewards

Updates with new antihack

New updates have been applied as well as a new PS Systems anti-hack, to play a game run GunMu Update.exe to get it automatically!

Fixed Gremory Case reward receipt duration for BC, DC, DS events
GunCrusher can wear 4th level wings of MG (Wings of Destruction)
Fixed corrupted Errtels coming as a result of event item bags reward
Fixed steel armor skill of Slayer not working
Fixed upgrade mix of Ice Dragon does not properly detect options count of input item
Fixed 380 item options lost after sale in Personal Store
Fixed not visible party matching list after opening the PM window

Published by Admin 01/03/2021